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Parts Of A Book Report 4Th Grade

4th Grade Book Report *Please select a fiction book as the focus of this book report. Your Name: _____ Title of Book You Read:_____ Author: _____ Please answer in.

  • Book report template 4th grade. There are two different styles of lines in the 4th grade book report template free file to accommodate both younger elementary and middle school students. Both styles of the free book.

  • The parts of the my book report form are: students name students grade date book report written book title author of the book book illustrator rate the book out of 5 stars favorite part WHO were the main character WHAT were.

  • The student fills out the parts of the book report, including: Genre, Year Published, Setting, Main Character(s), Plot - Beginning, Middle, End, Problem or Conflict, and Message or Moral of Story. When you spin the wheel, the the parts of the book.

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